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Inuka Leadership Africa is a nonprofit leadership and entrepreneurship development organization primarily focusing on young African leaders & entrepreneurs.  

We do this through various interventions for young people, that bridge the gap in leadership, employability and entrepreneurship. The median age of Africa is 19 years, and we recognize that youth leadership and inclusion is critical to nation building and wealth creation.

Through our different offerings, we equip young people to lead ethically and to deliver transformation in their communities. We also support social entrepreneurs to build systems and structures that are crucial for business sustainability, thereby contributing to livelihoods, social and national development.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Raising a generation of transformational leaders

Our Mission

Connecting young African leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers to their preferred future through training, coaching and mentorship.

Our Core Values

Servant Leadership

To lead masterfully, you must serve selflessly.


We build partnerships internally and externally


We raise leaders who raise other leaders


We enjoy ourselves and we laugh hard!

Our 3 Step Model

The Problem

The median age of Africa is 19. It is projected that by 2030, young Africans will make up 45% of the world’s youth and account for about 75% of those under the age of 35. The future of the African continent lies in the hands of these youth. Sadly, Africa’s youth bulge does not translate to rapid economic and social growth.

We believe that most effective way to create opportunities is through identifying, equipping and connecting young African leaders and entrepreneurs who will penetrate all sectors of society and contribute towards the achievement of the sustainable development goals.

Alignment to SDGs

Programs and Events

What They Say About Us

    Rosemary Wanjiru

    Communication Officer at Alabastron Network Trust.

    Inuka enabled me to detect my leadership abilities, my interests in life. I was able to show up in life with a purposeful mindset because of the commitment I made to myself. The activities enabled me learn about my problem-solving skills. The projects were eye opening as I was able to understand how different people lead so that I can plug in and add value. I would like to encourage another young person especially women to take up the program because it unlocks the leader in you so that you are able to have an open-minded attitude towards basic life challenges and always ready to serve attitude.

      Jacinta Wathira

      Operation Associate at Open Capital Advisors

      Being at Inuka gave me the confidence and exposure I needed right out of campus and before joining the corporate world. Working in a team brought out areas I needed to polish and strengths I needed to reinforce. After the program, I went ahead and started a small business after which I worked on temporary projects and internships which have led to my current role. It reinforced my love to lead and make a difference in people's life which is what I am doing. It not only made me look good on paper, Inuka gave me leverage that fresh graduates rarely have. I'm glad I participated in the program and forever grateful for the exposure received.

        Allan Simbi

        Founder DoFit Kenya

        Inuka Leaders Program transformed my way of thinking. The greatest impact I can say is how I became a better person in matters leadership, like I could be able to lead me. From there I could easily take up leadership roles something I was always shy off. The road in leadership hasn’t been that easy but we were prepared for that. I’m now the Head of Mentoring in a Society called Hesich Africa, A leader at Kkrew Bible Study. I realized my passionate in fitness and decided take the initiative to start my own Fitness Outfit called DoFit Consult, that champions for people to stay active, both physically and spiritually. I’m also a trained Valuer and Estate Agent which I’ve been practicing for the last 3 years now. Thank You INUKA!

          Jane Bosibori

          CEO Lankara

          As an entrepreneur and youth leader, there are certain hurdles and challenges I face and going through INUKA was a transformational experience for me because I got to understand the vital role I play not only as a leader but as a servant leader. The skills harnessed during the whole INUKA experience, cultivated within me a desire to be more and do more. Its been 3 years since i went through INUKA and the lessons have been instrumental in the bold decisions I have made in my transition from employment to entrepreneurship and in understanding that failure isn’t the opposite of success, it is part of it! INUKA was a God-sent experience for me and practical in the ways I got to unpack and discover my God-designed purpose within this generation

            Mercy Njeri

            Human Resource Manager at Momentum Credit Ltd

            Looking back on my career and leadership journey as a young professional, I am thankful that I took part in the Inuka Leaders Program! Some of the key lessons that I learnt then that I hold dear to date are; team work, servant leadership and leading from the front. I am a better leader thanks to Inuka Leadership!"

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            “The best coaches really care about people. They have a sincere interest in people.” 
            ~ Byron & Catherine Pulsifer